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The total cost of investment in ERPs adds up quickly with multiple charges. How about simple and affordable pricing? Try ERPNext.

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What if we told you that you can save up to 50% on ERP costs? This is possible with ERPNext's 100% free and open-source nature. Leave behind licensing and vendor hassles. You only pay for hosting and support. At the end of the day, you pay much lesser for your ERP software.

Get more value out of your ERP Try ERPNext

Save up to 69% by switching to the best ERP software.

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$ 550
$ 550
SAP (licensing and implementation $thousands more)
$ 550
Netsuite (licensing and implementation $thousands more)
One platform, one data source

One platform, one data source

Using 32 different SaaS apps and juggling integration? You'd be surprised at how many hours are saved by switching to a full ERP system like ERPNext. Everything from cross-functional reports to access control is just a few clicks away. Integrations? Only for your favorite external tools. Everything else is synced via a single database.

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We love FOSS, glad that people love ERPNext

To us, open-source software means quality, collaboration, and simple to use. ERPNext is made with thousands of hours worth effort put in the product over 10 years. This was possible due to the Frappe Framework which itself took over a thousand hours to build. Everything is modular, customizable, and most importantly, made with love to be put out there for free.

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We love FOSS, glad that people love ERPNext
One price, all modules

One price, all modules

Instead of hundreds of apps scattered everywhere, ERPNext offers a tightly integrated ERP product that gives you all features. Inventory management? Check. Manufacturing? Check. If you decide to go non-profit, we even have an NPO module, all ready to use out of the box. No need to buy anything extra. If you want to show some love and support, check out our hosting and support plans here.

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More freedom to you

No licensing or lengthy documents, no vendor lockins, no other hidden costs. Start a free trial or contact us if you want to talk about large engagements. Either way, we'll refund all unused parts if you decide ERPNext is not for you.

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More freedom to you

Hard to believe? Try for yourself 🙂

We get it, all of this does sound too good to be true. Making a ton of money was never our goal, making quality software always will be. Even after subscribing, you can cancel anytime. No greasy corporate consultations, no commitments.
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What ERPNext users have to say

Vinay Kumar C
Assistant Vice President - Technology, Zerodha
ERPNext powers our core business ranging from ledgers, stockbroking compliance to support, and HR systems. It has scaled really well to our volumes with continuous improvement to the product. Combined with a sleek UI, ERPNext + Frappe apps have made things a lot better across our processes. It fits well into the complete open source stack running our business.
Martin Seibert
CEO, Siebert Media
The extensibility and flexibility of ERPNext is unrivaled. Every field you create becomes instantly available as an API point in the powerful interface of the ERP software. All relevant core features of an ERP system are mature and help you learn to do it the right way as a company. The team is rigid and consequent in making sure, that this streamlined process of creating opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and sales invoices is kept intact which is very healthy and keeps customizations sane. If you want to be part of this community, it's easy to get rolling.

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ERPNext has a host of built-in integrations that help your business take-off faster

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Used by more than 5000 companies across the world

Companies using ERPNext Companies using ERPNext