When you know a Lead is looking for some products or services to buy, you can track that as an Opportunity. Also opportunity document helps user to collect the requirement of a customer/lead.

You can create an Opportunity from:

CRM > Opportunity > New Opportunity

Figure 1: Create Opportunity


You can also go to an “Open” Lead and select “Opportunity” from the Make dropdown.

Figure 2: Create Opportunity from an open Lead


Figure 3: Create Opportunity for Customer to Collect their Requirement


An Opportunity can also come from an existing Customer. You can create multiple Opportunities against the same Lead. In Opportunity, apart from the Communication, you can also add the Items for which the Lead or Contact is looking for.

Make Supplier Quotation

In some businesses, users collect the rates from their supplier against the customer requirement and based on the supplier rates they prepare the quotation for the customer. With ERPNext, you can make a supplier quotation from the opportunity itself.


Best Practice: Leads and Opportunities are often referred as your “Sales Pipeline” this is what you need to track if you want to be able to predict how much business you are going to get in the future. Its always a good idea to be able to track what is coming in order to adjust your resources.

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