Auto Repeat

Auto Repeat feature helps you create certain transactions automatically in a given time period.

Assuming that you follow deferred expense system for some items. It requires you to create same Journal Entry each month to credit Deferred Expense account to debit Expense Account. You can create first Journal Entry manually for it, and then create auto-repeat transaction for it.

1. How to set Auto Repeat

  1. Go to: Accounts > Setup > Auto Repeat > New.
  2. Select the reference DocType.
  3. Select the document.
  4. Set the frequency whether daily, weekly etc,.
  5. Save and Submit.

You can also go to the respective Order/Invoice/Entry and set auto repeat from there.

1.2 Fields explained

  • From Date and To Date: This defines contract period with the customer.
  • Repeat on Day: If frequency is set as Monthly Quarterly, or Yearly, then it will be day of the month on which recurring invoice will be generated.
  • Notify By Email: If you want to notify the user about auto recurring invoice.
  • Print Format: Select a print format to define document view which should be emailed to customer.
  • Disabled: It will stop to make auto recurring documents against the subscription.
  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Purchase Invoice
  3. Journal Entry
  4. Payment Entry