Inter Company Invoices

Along with creating Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices for a single company, you can create inter-linked invoices for multiple companies.

Such as, you can create a Purchase Invoice for a company say 'Company ABC', and create a Sales Invoice against this Purchase Invoice for a company say 'Company XYZ' and link them together.

To create Inter Company Invoices as mentioned in the above process, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Customer list, select the customer which you would want to choose for the inter-linked invoices, enable the checkbox, Is Internal Customer as shown below:

    Internal Customer

  • Along with that, add the company which the Customer represents, i.e. the company for which the Sales Invoice will be created.

  • Next, fill up the child table Allowed To Transact With as shown in the image and add the company against which you will be creating a Purchase Invoice, which will be linked with the Sales Invoice created using this Customer.
  • Easy peasy, right? Now, you need to follow the similar procedure for setting up a Supplier for inter-linked invoices. And, in the Represents Company field, add the company which you added in the child table Allowed To Transact With for the Customer.
  • And, in the child table Allowed To Transact With for the Supplier, add the company which the Customer represents or against which you are going to make an inter-linked Purchase Invoice. You can refer the below image to avoid any confusion.

    Internal Supplier

    • Now, create a new Sales Invoice, fill up the fields, and remember to select the Customer who is an internal customer and company which the Customer represents.
    • Submit the Invoice.

    Inter company invoice

    • Under the Make button dropdown, you will find a link Inter Company Invoice, on clicking the link, you will be routed to a new Purchase Invoice form page.
    • Here, the supplier and company will be auto-fetched depending on the company you selected in the Sales Invoice. Remember: There can only be a single Internal Supplier or Customer per company.
    • Submit the invoice, done! Now, both the invoices are inter-linked. Also, on cancelling any of the invoices, the link will break as well.

You can follow the same process to create a Purchase Invoice and then an inter-linked Sales Invoice from the submitted Purchase Invoice.

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