Perm Level Error in Permission Manager

While customizing rules in the Permission Manager, you might receive an error message saying:

For System Manager _(or other role)_ at level 2 _(or other level)_ in Customer _(or other document)_ in row 8: Permission at level 0 must be set before higher levels are set.

Error message indicates problem is in the existing permission setting for this document.

For any role, before assigning permission at Perm Level 1 or 2 (and so on), permission at Perm Level 0 must be assigned. Error message says that System Manager has been assigned permission at Perm Level 1 and 2, but not at level 0. You should first correct the permission for System Manager's role by:

  • Assigning permission to System Manager at level 0.


  • By removing permission at level 1 and 2.

After executing one of the above step, you should be able to successfully add new permissions rules in the Role Permission Manager.

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