Change the Language

ERPNext is an multi-lingual application. It allows each user to select preferred language. Following is how User can customize language in one's account.

1. Setting Language in User's Account

Following are the steps to set language in your ERPNext account.

1.1 Go to My Setting

My Setting

1.2 Select Language

Select Language

Select Language

1.3 Save User

On saving User after selecting language, your ERPNext account will be refresh automatically. Then you will see ERPNext translated in your selected language.

Being a System Manager, you can set language in other user's master as well.

2. Set Language Globally for an Account

2.1 Go to Setup

Setup > Settings > System Settings

Set Language

Global Language


Save System Settings, and refresh your ERPNext account. On refreshing, you should language in your ERPNext account changed as per your preference.

Select Language

Note: For now, we have translation available only for few languages. You can contribute to make translation better, and add new languages from here.

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