Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment is the record of enrollment of a student in a given program and choose courses for a particular Academic Year and Academic Term (optional). If a student is enrolled in a program then his/her Program Enrollment must be created. The mandatory course in that program is automatically filled in Enrolled Courses table while the elective/optional courses can be selected manually.

If the student has applied online for the admission in a particular Program and the application is approved, then the Program Enrollment can be created from within the Student Applicant record via clicking on the Enroll button.

Else, to create the new Program Enrollment manually, go to:

Education > Program Enrollment > New

Student Applicant Enrollment

If any institution has skipped the online admission process then Program Enrollment can also be considered as the confirmation of the admission in a particular Program.

TIP: Academic Term is optional in the Program Enrollment. If your institution has only annual curriculum, you can skip the Academic Term

Student Batch: To categorize student into different sections/batches, you can assign the batch to the student. On the basis of this field, later student groups can be created.

Student Category: For the Institutions having multiple Fees Structure, this field can be used to differentiate the student enrollment in a given fee category.

Video Tutorial For Program Enrollment

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