Program Enrollment Tool

The Program Enrollment tool allows the bulk enrollment of the new and old students in a Program. If you are enrolling a new student, you can fetch the students from the Student Applicant or if you are promoting the older students you can fetch them from the Program Enrollment itself

Note: Academic Term is optional in the Program Enrollment Tool

You can create the Program Enrollment for :

  1. Student Applicants: List of Student Applicants will be fetched for the selected Program, Academic year and Academic Term (if provided).

Student Applicant Enrollment

  1. Program Enrollment: List of students already enrolled in selected Program for the given Academic Year, Academic Term (if provided) and Student Batch will be fetched and can be used to enroll students from one academic year/term to another in the same Program or a new Program.

Student Applicant Enrollment

New Student Batch: This can be selected for the entire students fetched in the table. Priority will be given to the Batch selected in the table (for individual students).

For promoting the students, the new academic year, academic term and program can also be selected for the enrollment of the fetched students list.

Video Tutorial for Program Enrollment Tool

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