Student Group

A student group is a collection of students taking same course. You can create Course Schedules and Examinations against a Student Group.

A Student Group needs to be created for every course for Academic Term and Academic Year. The student group can be create based on Batch, Course and Activity.

To create a Student Group go to:

Education > Student > New Student Group

Student Group

To create a Student group based on Batch, select the Progam and Batch, where as to create a Student group based on Course, you will only have to select the Course Code. Creating a student group based on activity allows you to group of student for events and activities happening in the institute.

Once a student group is created you can mark attendance for the group.

Student Group

You can also update the Email Group for the Student Group. Click on Update Email Group to add all the email ids of the gaurdians in the respective email group and Newsletter can be created and sent to the Email group.

Tutorial Video on Student Groups

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