Fleet Management

Fleet Management section of Human Resources helps your Organization manage their fleet of vehicles and track their expenses.

To use Fleet Management in ERPNext,

  1. Set Up a Vehicle.
  2. Enter Vehicle Logs regularly.
  3. Make Expense Claims for Vehicle Expenses.
  4. View Reports for Vehicle Expenses.

Vehicle Set Up

The Vehicle Set Up allows you to define the different types of Vehicles in your Organization.It acts as the Vehicle Master for Fleet Management.

To create a new Vehicle go to:

Human Resources > Fleet Management > Vehicle

  • Enter License Plate, Make, Model, Odometer Value, Fuel Type and Fuel UOM for a quick entry.


  • Enter details like Insurance, Chassis, Vehicle Value, Location and Employee.


  • Enter Vehicle attributes like color, wheels, doors and last carbon check


Vehicle Log

Vehicle Log is used to enter Odometer readings, Fuel Expenses and Service Expense details.

To create a new Vehicle Log go to:

Human Resources > Fleet Management > Vehicle Log

  • Enter License Plate, Employee, Date, Odometer reading for a quick entry.

    Vehicle Log

  • Enter Refueling details, Service details if applicable.

    Vehicle Log

Make Expense Claim

  • Click on Make Expense Claim button. This button appears only in case of Submitted Vehicle Logs.

    Vehicle Log

When you click on 'Make Expense Claim',

  1. The date,employee,expense total are copied over to the created Expense Claim.
  2. The sum of Fuel Expenses and Service Expenses is copied over to Expense Claim Amount.
  3. Employee can submit the Expense Claim for further processing.

    Vehicle Log

Vehicle Expenses Report

  • To track and monitor Vehicle Expenses you can use the Vehicle Expenses report.This report gives a one stop view of all your vehicle expenses month wise.

    Vehicle Log

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