Leave Allocation

Leave Allocation enables you to allot a specific number of leaves to a particular employee. You can allocate a number of leaves to different types of leave.

Allocating leaves for a Leave Period

Human Resources > Leaves and Holiday > Leave Period

Leave Period helps you manage leaves for a period and also doubles up as a tool to help you grant leaves for a category of employees. The Grant button will generate Leave Allocations based on the Leave Policy applicable to each Employee. You can allocate leaves based on Employee Grade, Department or Designation. Also, note that Carry Forward Leaves check will enable you to carry forward any unused leaves (for Leave Types with Is Carry Forward turned on) from previous allocations to new ones.

Grant Leaves from Leave Period

Manual Allocation of leaves

Human Resources > Leaves and Holiday > Leave Allocation > New Leave Allocation

To manually allocate leaves for an Employee, select the period and the number of leaves you want to allocate. You can also add unused leaves from previous allocation period.

Manual Leave Allocation

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