Shift Management

Shift Management section of Human Resources helps your Organization manage shifts of your employees.

To use Shift Management in ERPNext,

  1. Set Up a Shift Type.
  2. Enter Shift Request.
  3. View and Manage Shift Assignments.

Shift Type

The Shift Type Set Up allows you to define the different types of Shifts in your Organization.

To create a new Shift Type go to:

Human Resources > Shift Management > Shift Type

  • Enter Shift Type, Start Time and End Time for quick entry.

Shift Type

Shift Request

Shift Request is used by an employee to request for a particular Shift Type.

To create a new Shift Request Log go to:

Human Resources > Shift Management > Shift Request

  • Enter Shift Type, Employee, Company, From Date and To Date.

    Shift Request

Shift Assignment

  • Once the Shift Request is submitted it automatically creates the Shift Assignments for an Employee.

    Shift Assignment

  • You can also view Calendar view of Shift Assignments.

    Shift Assignment Calendar

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