Training Program

Create Training Program and schedule Training Events under it. It has a dashboard linked to Training Event to view which event is under the Training Program.


Training Event

Schedule seminars, workshops, conferences etc using Training Event linked to a Training Program. You can also invite your employees to attend the event using this feature.


Inviting Employees for Event

You can invite your employees to attend the event. You can do so by selecting the employees to be invited in the employee table.

By default the status of the employee will be 'Open'.


When you submit the Training Event, a notification will be sent to the employee notifying that the Training has been scheduled. This is sent via Email Alert "Training Scheduled". You can modify this Email Alert to customize the message.

Training Result

After completion of the training Employee-wise training results can be stored based on the Feedback received from the Trainer.


When the Training Result is submitted, all the employees will receive an email notifying them that they must share their feedback via "Training Feedback". This is also managed via an Email Alert, so you can customize this alert too.

Training Feedback

Employees can then share their feedback via Training Feedback.


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