Customer Provided Items

In Contract Manufacturing, in some cases Customer provides specific items as one or few of the BOM components. These items cannot be received using a Buying Cycle since that will mean making Customer as a Supplier at the same time and it will go through each doctype in the cycle.

In this feature, Customer Provided Item is received through Stock Entry from a Material Request with type Customer provided.

Customer Provided Material Request

Here are the steps on how to setup a Customer Provided item.

  1. Got to Item Doctype and add a new Customer Provided item.

    Stock > Item >

  2. In the Purchase, Replenishment Details section, check Is Customer Provided and set a default Customer.

    Item Purchase Details

How to receive a Customer Provided Items?

  1. If Production Plan is used, Material Request for this items can be auto created.

    Material Request in Production Plan

  2. Once a component in a BOM is set as Customer Provided and Material Request is created from Production Plan, it will create both Material Request with type Purchase and Customer Provided. From there, a Stock Entry with purpose Material Receipt can be created.

    Stock Entry from Material Request

  3. A Material Request can have multiple Stock Entry - Material Receipt. It will reflect it in the status.

    Partial Delivery from Stock Entry

  4. Customer will be able to track their Material Requests in a Web Portal Material Requests. The portal is filtered to show only the Material Request of the customer.

    Material Request Web Portal