Item Alternative

Item alternative feature is very useful in manufacturing industries, if the raw material defined in the BOM is not available during the production process then their respective available alternative item used to complete the production process.

To make item alternative for an item, kindly enable the "Allow Alternative Item" in the item. Item

  • To make item alternative, goto module Stock > Items and Pricing > Item Alternative Item Alternative

The user can enable Two-Way between an item and their alternative item if both can be used as an alternative to each other

Item Alternative for work order

To allow to use alternative items in the manufacturing process user can configure allow an alternative item in the BOM/Work Order

Provision to allow alternative item in the bom


Provision to allow alternative item in the work order

User can also enable/disable allow alternative item in the work order Item

How it works for work order


Item Alternative for subcontract

In subcontract, the user has to transfer raw materials to the subcontracted supplier to get finished good from them. If the raw material is not available in the stock, with this feature, the user can transfer the alternate item of the subcontracted raw material to the supplier.

How it works for subcontract