Manufacturing Settings

Manufacturing Settings can be found at:

Manufacturing > Setup > Manufacturing Settings

Manufacturing Settings

Disable Capacity Planning and Time Tracking

As per Capacity Planning feature, when Work Order is created for an item, for each Operation, Time Log is created. Based on actual Operation Time, Time Logs is updated. This also provides total Operations Cost against Work Order.

If you don't track actual operations time, and want to disable creation of Time Log based on Operations, you should check "Disable Capacity Planning and Time Tracking" in the Manufacturing Settings.

Allow Overtime

In the Workstation master, actual working hours are defined (say 101m to 6pm). As per the Capacity Planning, Time Logs are created against Workstation, for tracking actual operations hour. It also considers working hours of a Workstation when scheduling job (via Time Log).

Manufacturing Settings

As per the standard validation, if Operation cannot be completed within working hours of Workstation, then user is asked to divide an Operation into multiple and smaller Operations. However, if Allow Overtime field is checked, while creating Time Logs for Operation, working hours of Workstation will not be validated. In this case, Time Logs for Operation will be created beyond working hours of Workstation as well.

Allow Production on Holidays

Holiday of a company can be recorded in the Holiday List master. While scheduling production job on workstation, system doesn't consider a day listed in the Holiday list. If you want production job to be scheduled on holidays as well, Allow Production on Holidays field should be checked.

Manufacturing Settings

Over Production Allowance Percentage

While making Work Orders against a Sales Order, the system will only allow production item quantity to be lesser than or equal to the quantity in the Sales Order. In case you wish to allow Work Orders to be raised with greater quantity, you can mention the Over Production Allowance Percentage here.

Back-flush Raw Materials Based On

When creating Manufacture Entry, raw-material items are back-flush based on BOM of production item. If you want raw-material items to be back-flushed based on Material Transfer entry made against that Work Order instead, then you should set Back-flush Raw Materials Based On "Material Transferred for Manufacture".

Manufacturing Settings

Capacity Planning For (Days)

Define no. of days for which system will do production job allocation in advance.

Time Between Operations (in mins)

Time gap between two production operations.

Default Work In Progress Warehouse

This Warehouse will be auto-updated in the Work In Progress Warehouse field of Work Order.

Default Finished Goods Warehouse

This Warehouse will be auto-updated in the Work In Progress Warehouse field of Work Order.