Sales Invoice from Timesheet

Customer can be invoiced based on total no. of hours your Employees has worked for that Customer. Timesheet can be used to track actual no. of hours Employee has worked. For example, in the IT services domain, clients are billed based on man-hour basis, where per hour billing cost is pre-determined.


Step 1: Create new Timesheet

To create new Timesheet, go to:

Project > Timesheet > New

Step 2: Select Employee

In the Employee field, only ones having active Salary Structure will be selectable. Further in the Salary Structure , is created for the E on the actual hours worked, Employee can create Timesheet. To be able to create Sales Invoice against this Timesheet, ensure Billable field is checked.

Sales Invoice

Step 3:Activity Type

Employee will have to select an Activity Type (like planning, site visit, repairing etc. ). Costing and Billing Rate for each Activity can be different for each Employee. These cost can be tracked in the Activity Cost. On selection of Activity Type, Activity Cost is fetched from that Employee. Based on total Activity Cost and total no. of hours, Total Billing Amount (to the Customer) is calculated.

To learn more on how to setup Activity Type and Activity Cost, click here.

Sales Invoice

Step 4: Enter Actual Time

In the Timesheet Details table, enter actual hours an Employee has worked for. One Timesheet can be used for multiple days as well.

To be able to create Sales Invoice from the Time Sheet, ensure 'Is Billable' field is checked.

Sales Invoice

Based on the actual hours worked and Activity Cost of an Employee, Total Billing Amount will be calculated for Timesheet.

Step 5: Save and Submit

After submitting Timesheet, you will find buttons to create Sales Invoice and Salary Slip against this Timesheet.

Sales Invoice

Create Sales Invoice from Timesheet

Submitted Timesheet

In the Timesheet, if "Is Billable" is checked, you will find option to create Sales Invoice against it.

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice timesheet

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice has dedicated table for the Timesheet table where Timesheet details will be updated. You can select more Timesheets in this table.

Sales Invoice

Select Customer and Item

Select Customer to be billed. Select an Item, and enter rate as the billing amount.


After you enter all required details in the Sales Invoice, Save and Submit it.

On submitting Sales Invoice, status of the Timesheets linked to the Sales Invoice will be updated as Billed.

Sales Invoice