Project is divided into Tasks. In ERPNext, you can also create a Task independently.


Status of the Task

A Task can have one of the following statuses - Open, Working, Pending Review, Closed, or Cancelled.

Task - Status

  • By default each new Task created has the status set to 'Open'.

  • If a Time Log is made against a task, its status will be set to 'Working'.

Dependent Task

You can specify a list of dependent tasks under the 'Depends On' section.

Depends On

  • You cannot close the parent task until all dependent tasks are closed.

  • If the dependent tasks are delayed and overlap with the expected Start Date of the Parent task, the system will reschedule the parent task.

Managing Time

ERPNext uses Time Log to track the progress of a Task. You can create multiple Time Logs against each task. The Actual Start and End Time along with the costing is updated based on the Time Log.

  • To view Time Log made against a Task click on 'Time Logs'

Task - View Time Log

Task - Time Log List

  • You can also create a Time Log directly and link it to the Task.

Task - Link Time Log

Managing Expenses

You can book Expense Claim against a task. The system shall update the total amount from expense claims in the costing section.

  • To view Expense Claims made against a Task click on 'Expense Claims'

Task - View Expense Claim

  • You can also create a Expense Claims directly and link it to the Task.

Task - Link Expense Claim

  • Total amount of Expense Claims booked against a task is shown under 'Total Expense Claim' in the Task Costing Section

Task - Total Expense Claim

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