Timer in Timesheet

Timesheets can be tracked against Project and Tasks along with a Timer.


Steps to start a Timer:

  • On clicking, Start Timer, a dialog pops up and starts the timer for already present activity for which checkbox completed is unchecked.

Timer in Progress

  • If no activities are present, fill up the activity details, i.e. activity type, expected hours or project in the dialog itself, on clicking Start, a new row is added into the Timesheet Details child table and timer begins.

  • On clicking, Complete, the hours and to_time fields are updated for that particular activity.

Timer Completed

  • At any point of time, if the dialog is closed without completing the activity, on opening the dialog again, the timer resumes by calculating how much time has elapsed since from_time of the activity.

  • If any activities are already present in the Timesheet with completed unchecked, clicking on Resume Timer fetches the activity and starts its timer.

  • If the time exceeds the expected_hours, an alert box appears.

Timer Exceeded