Quality Feedback

Quality Feedback is the information that a Customer expresses about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the products or services you offer.

Quality Feedback has different fields to rate different parameters. You can also provide Qualitative Feedbacks using Quality Feedback Templates. The templates store preset information for you to select in the Quality Feedback.

Quality Feedback Template

For creating the Quality Feedback first you must decide the parameters by creating the Quality Feedback Template. The templates generally contain the name the template, scope and the different parameters to be entered. The different parameters which can be decided on the basis of different occasions and survey.

To access the Quality Feedback Template, go to:

Home > Quality > Quality Feedback Template

1. How to create a Quality Feedback Template

  1. Go to the Quality Feedback Template list, click on New.
  2. Enter a name for the template
  3. In the Parameters table, list down the various processes/parameters on which you want the user to rate and give the feedback.
  4. Save.

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Quality Feedback

The Customer/User can easily give their feedback by selecting their template to rate on different parameters and also provide qualitative feedback on these parameters. If the Feedback is not as per expectations, Quality Action may be initialized on the basis of the seriousness of the Feedback.

To access Quality Feedback, go to:

Home > Quality > Feedback > Quality Feedback

1. How to create a Quality Feedback

  1. Go to the Quality Feedback list, click on New.
  2. Select whether Feedback is by a Customer or a User (ERPNext account User).
  3. Select the Customer or User.
  4. Selecting a Quality Feedback Template will automatically populate the parameters for the Quality Feedback.
  5. The date will be automatically set to the current date.
  6. The Parameters table has the following columns:

    • Parameter: Various Parameters that are pre-defined in the Quality Feedback Template you create.
    • Rating: Rating for a parameter from 1 to 5.
    • Feedback: Feedback based on the Rating given.

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