Blanker Order

A Blanket Order is an order from a customer to supply materials for specific items over a period of time at pre-negotiated rates.

From a blanket order, sales orders can be generated as per the delivery schedule provided by the customer. Blanket orders help customers avoid storing materials in huge quantities while allowing them to take advantage of fixed rates by committing volumes within a specific time period.

To access Blanket Order, go to:

Home > Selling > Sales > Blanket Order

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using a Blanket Order, it is advised that you create the following first:

2. How to Create a Blanket Order

  1. Go to the Blanket Order list, click on New.
  2. Select Selling in Order Type.
  3. Select Customer.
  4. Specify the validity period of the order by selecting From Date and To Date.
  5. Enter Item Code, Quantity and Rate in the Item table. You can also mention the Terms and Conditions for each item.
  6. Submit.

Opening Account

3. Features

3.1 Create Sales Orders

The Ordered Quantity field will be updated once a Sales Order is placed. Once a blanket order is submitted, you can create new sales orders by clicking on the Create Sales Order button.

3.2 View Sales Orders Created against Blanket Order

Click on View Orders button to view the list of sales orders created against this blanket order.

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