Setting up LDAP

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a centralised access controll system used by many small and medium scale organisations.

By settings up LDAP service, you able to login to ERPNext account by using LDAP credentials.

To setup LDAP, go to Explore > Integrations > LDAP Settings

Setup LDAP

To enable ldap service, you need to configure parameters like LDAP Server URL (including ldap://), Organizational Unit, UID, Base Distinguished Name (DN) and Password for Base DN

LDAP Settings

After setting up LDAP parameters, on login screen, the system enables Login Via LDAP option.


For the extended fields, try these settings:

LDAP Search String: uid={0}     
LDAP First Name Field: cn     
LDAP Email Field: mail     
LDAP Username Field: uid

The default role of a new LDAP user is Blogger. You might want to adapt the permissions of that role with the permission manager.

Connecting to LDAP Securely

In the LDAP Settings area, there are two dropdowns. 1. SSL/TLS Mode - set this to StartTLS to connect to your LDAP server using StartTLS. If your LDAP server does not support StartTLS, setting this to StartTLS will result in an error StartTLS is not supported. Check the configuration on your LDAP server if you receive this error. 2. Require Trusted Certificate - if you change this to Yes then the certificate provided by the LDAP server must be trusted by the Frappe/ERPNext server. If you would rather use StartTLS with a self-signed (untrusted) certificate, set this to No. If you do not use StartTLS, this setting is ignored.