Item Group

Item Group is the classification category. Depending on the type of product, categorize it under its respective field. If the product is service oriented, name it under the group head - service. If the product is used as a raw-material, you have to name it under the Raw-material category. In case, your product is used only in trading, you can categorize it under Trading.

Item Group Tree

1. How to create an Item Group

  1. Go to: Stock > Items and Pricing > Item Group.
  2. Select an group node under which you wish to create the Item Group, the default is All Item Groups .
  3. Select 'Add Child'.
  4. To make this child a category, tick on Group Node.
  5. Click on Create New.

Add Item Group

2. Delete an Item Group

  1. Select the Item Group you want to delete.
  2. Select 'Delete'.
  3. Click on Yes.

Add Item Group

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