Add Products To Website

Add Products to the Website

ERPNext will populate your website with products out of your Item Master. The html code will be generated automatically.

Step 1: Edit Item

For this example we will add a rocking chair to our catalog to sell on our website.

To edit a catalog item go to: Stock > Items and Pricing > Item. From there select an item to add to website or create a new item by clicking the New button in the upper right.

For this example, click on the New button to create a new item. Fill in the form and then click Save.

New Website Item 01

Step 2: Save Image

  1. Click the new item from the list to edit it.
  2. In the upper left, click the image block to give the product a picture. Be sure to uncheck the Private box so the image will be publicly viewable.

New Website Item 02

Step 3: Check the 'Show in Website' box

Under the Website section near the bottom of the form, check the box that says Show in Website. Once the box is checked, the page will display other fields for entering information.

  • Give the page a route on the website.

New Website Item 03

Step 4: Enter Website Details

Once the Show in Website checkbox is checked, a new section called Website Specifications appears. Expand this section to add more details about the rocking chair to the website.

New Website Item 04

Click Save in the upper right and then click See on Website on the left under the product image to see the item on your website.

New Website Item 05

Item Groups

Items can be grouped together in items groups. To see a listing of the existing item groups to go: Stock > Items and Pricing > Item Group. Out of the box, ERPNext comes with a collection of item groups that you can use. Click Products to select it and then click Edit to open it up.

  • Click the Show in Website check box.
  • Change the route to products.
  • Fill in a description for your products page.
  • Click Save.

New Website Item 06

  • Go back to the rocking chair item, expand the website section.
  • Click Add new row button under the Item Group table.
  • Select Products from the list.
  • Click Save.

New Website Item 07

To see on the website, go back to the Item Group and then click See on website.

New Website Item 08

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