Web Page

Static Content like your Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Terms pages can be created using the Web Page.

To create a new Web Page, go to:

Website > Web Page > New

Web Page


The first thing to set is the title of your page. The title has the maximum weight for search engines so choose a title that reflects the keywords that you are targeting for your audience.


After selecting your layout, you can add content (text, images, etc) to each of your content boxes. You can add content in Markdown or HTML format. Read the section on how to format using Markdown, for more details.

The web link to your page will be the value of the “Page Name” field + “.html”. For example if your page name is contact-us, the web link of your page will be yoursite.com/contact-us.html.


You can attach images to your web page and show them using the HTML tag or using markdown format. the link to your file will be assets/manualerpnextcom/old_images/erpnext/filename

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