Frappe Customer In App Support

To make the support experience better, Frappe has introduced In App Support. Now raise queries and get replies all from within your ERPNext account.

Mailing to '' is deprecated as of February 2020.

Frappe In App Support

In your ERPNext account, simply go to the 'Help' dropdown menu present on the top right and click on 'ERPNext Support'.

You will be redirected to the 'ERPNext Support Issue' list. Here, you will have a list of all the issues that have been raised from your ERPNext account.

In App Support

How to create an Issue

  1. Click on 'New' to create a new Support Issue.
  2. Enter the subject of the Issue.
  3. Enter Issue Type. Refer to this list to know more about Issue Types.
  4. Enter the description of the Issue.
  5. Click on the 'Add Attachment' button to add any screenshots for the Issue.
  6. Submit.

    In App Support

    Note: We request you to keep the description of the issue as detailed as possible. This would help us understand the issue better and in turn, would significantly reduce the Turn Around Time for solving the issue. Adding the screenshots is a plus.

Track status

Whenever the Frappe Team receives an issue, we classify the issue into one of the Priority categories. The classification is based on the kind of support required.

You will be able to see it whenever your issue is classified. Additionally, as per the SLA, you will be able to see the stipulated time till which your issue would be resolved.

In App Support

Communicate effortlessly

All your communication with Frappe will be tracked, which can be accessed from your ERPNext account. Simply click on the 'Reply' button at the end of the issue to Reply to Frappe Support.

In App Support

You can also comment and tag users to communicate with users within your organization regarding the issue.

In App Support

Easy Access to ERPNext Documentation

On the ERPNext Support Issue list, you will find a link that will redirect you to the ERPNext documentation page right beside the Menu drop-down button.

In App Support

Your feedback is Valuable to Us!

The moment an issue is closed by our support team, you will be able to see the 'Closed' Status of the issue in your issue list.

In App Support

Further, you will also be able to provide feedback on the same, and rate the support team!

In App Support

Issue Types

  1. Billing Payment: All queries regarding Billing and Payment
  2. Bug: Issues in cases when a transaction in the system is giving out a result different from what the ideal result should be or when you see an error message pop up on the screen.
  3. Customization: Issues occurring when you have made a Customization in your ERPNext account and it is not working how it is supposed to.
  4. Feature Request: Raise an issue if as per your company's requirement, you need to have functionality in the system, which is otherwise not present.
  5. How To: Raise an issue if there is a transaction that you need to perform, however, aren't sure of the right steps to do it.
  6. Integration: Queries regarding integration with other applications.
  7. Performance: Queries in cases of performance issues, slowdowns and such.
  8. Version Upgrade: Any issue with regards to the version upgrades can be classified in this Issue Type.