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Needless to say, stitching together quality clothing is not easy. But we can help you can maintain your Apparel manufacturing line with ease.

Increase productivity, manage supply chain smoothly and get your apparel to distributors and consumers faster. ERPNext is weaved with integrated inventory support to manage your manufacturing, Suppliers and your Customers all in one Software.

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Total Control Of Your Production Cycle

Keep a check on the manufacturing load of your apparel product manufacturing business with our Production Analytics Report that shows an aggregated view of your production status. There are several reports to help you analyze and make insightful decisions. Ensure fulfilment of customer orders as per commitments.

Production Analytics Report
Item Variants

Item Variants

Thousands of product permutations in different colors, finishes, shapes and lengths, to manage all variants. In ERPNext, the primary Item will be considered as an Item Template and each of the variations will be an Item Variant based on different attributes.

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Bill Of Material (Bom)

Hierarchical in nature, the finished product is at the top. Create BOMs with or without operations, single or Multi-level, automate the Routings, compare and update BOMs. Get started by building the BOM of your best apparel product today!

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Bill of Material
BOM Browser

Bom Browser

Navigate through the multiple levels of your BOMs and understand the underlying foundation of the apparel products that your customers value. With our BOM Browser, you can not only view the BOM of sub-assemblies but also update them in real-time for maintaining accurate costs based on stock valuation and ongoing procurements.

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Shop Floor Management

With Job Cards, Operations, and Workstations, you can automate the capture of mundane activities that are carried out on your shop floor. Realtime status of the job work being done for manufacturing products, the location of workstation, assignment of employees and status of each work order's current state and consecutive following steps are also shown in one screen.

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Shop Floor Management

Material Resource Planning

Material procurement & production planning for apparel products can become complicated with the sheer number of variants. Be it a Work Order against Sales Orders or Material Requests, ERPNext will exhibit MRP such that your users get unparalleled benefits while planning production for a period of time. Keep tracking material consumption of batched inventory to curb manufacturing expenses and facilitate zero wastage of resources.

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To maintain a smooth manufacturing line, subcontracting apparel may be needed from time to time. Be it coloring or packaging, there are some jobs that have to be outsourced. Use the Subcontracting feature of ERPNext to supply the raw materials to the third party distributor or supplier and track the process easily.

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Outsource Manufacturing
Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Optimize the usage of your workstations as per the resources available for open production orders. Identify bottlenecks at the shopfloor level and eliminate these by creating a capacity plan. You can maintain and manage planning schedules for a pre-defined period of time, say 30 days, 45 days, and so on.

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Batched Inventory

Move or split batches between different Warehouses. In case you produce your apparel in batches, the Batch master will come in handy to maintain manufacturing date, expiry date, and more details. Scanning Item barcode via your device camera enables easy search through the hierarchy of your stock to make informed decisions.

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Batched Inventory
Multiple Units of Measurement

Multiple Units Of Measurement

Keep track of different units of measurement for your inventory. You can set up conversion factors in the Item master itself and facilitate smooth Sales, Purchase, and Stock transactions. The conversions will be handled by the system. Don't let systems refrain you from measuring materials exactly the way you want to do it, create your own UOMs!

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Supplier Portal

Remove unnecessary overheads. Use the Portal and get suppliers to manage themselves. The Suppliers can submit Request for Quotations, automatic Supplier Quotations, access ongoing Purchase Orders, and Receipts. Suppliers can also raise Purchase Invoices for fulfilled orders. The desk users can verify these invoices for final approval.

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Stock Replenishment

To prevent stockouts, you can track an Item's reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, this manufacturing ERP software will create an automatic material request. This facilitates quicker, smarter, and timely replenishment of inventory, thereby reducing chances of stock exhaustion and preventing potential risk of stockouts.

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Stock Replenishment
On The Fly Customizations

On The Fly Customizations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hiding fields based on user roles, creating custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of apparel manufacturing ERP Software. Break Free!

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