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Point of Sale
Multi Store Management

Multi Store Management

Register new branches of your company with a few clicks and start transacting right away! You can configure dimensions for each branch and analyse the expenses, stock movements, profits and loss to derive overall profitability of your retail business. You can analyse store-wise P/L and income statements easily with ERPNext's accounting dimensions.

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Configure Accounting Dimensions

Dimensional accounting means tagging each transaction with appropriate dimensions like Branch, Business Unit, etc. This allows you to maintain each segment separately, thereby limiting the overall maintenance on GL accounts and your Chart of Accounts remains pure. You can maintain the multiple branches of your POS Retail store and analyse on the basis of this dimension.

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Accounting Dimensions
Multiple Branches

Manage Multiple Branches

You can map your retail branches in the warehouse master since it implies that you will have stock in your retail branch. This is where you define default Stock accounts, the billing and shipping addresses, contact emails of personnel responsible for the maintenance of the branch, and so on.

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POS Profile

In ERPNext, a POS profile allows using the Point of Sale feature. This is the place where you set up defaults such as price list, warehouse, branch/location, income account, and payment modes such as Cash or Check. By default, all Sales Users can access the POS Profiles created in ERPNext. However, you can manage which users should be able to access which profile with one-click configuration.

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Point of Sale Profile
Item Price List

Items And Pricing

An Item Price is a record in which you can log the selling and buying rate of an item. Setup prices of your products as per different price lists. Moreover, these price lists can have different currencies too! On selection of Price List, its currency and applicability whether for selling/buying. To have Item Price fetching in the sales or purchase transaction, you only need to select the 'Price List' and item price will be fetched automatically.

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Quick Stock Balance

Quick Stock Balance is a tool that can be used to quickly retrieve the current stock balance (quantity) and value of an item, in the specified warehouse, on the specified date. Check the stock levels of each branch effortlessly. This tool can also be used for stock-taking (Stock Audits) for matching the quantity of actual stock in your store and how much shows up in the POS software.

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Promotional Schemes

With promotional schemes, manage the pricing of multiple Items/Groups based on different parties and multiple branches of your retail store. A promotional scheme is linked to a pricing rule, against each slab system (product or price) that will generate the pricing rule which will then be applicable. Managing discounts & margins based on rate or amount made simple.

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Promotional Scheme
POS Invoice

Configurable Print Formats

With ERPNext's Print Format Builder, you can customise the look and feel of your invoices effortlessly. Apply your brand logos, include images or terms and conditions, your company address, and so on as per your liking. The best part about the print format is that once you set it up and save as default in POS Profile, you wouldn't have to ever worry about it again!

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POS Closing Voucher

At the end of the day, the cashier can close his/her PoS by creating a POS Closing Voucher. Click on the Menu and select 'Close the POS'. Select the period, your POS Profile and your user to retrieve all sales registered. Enter the collected amount for each mode of payment. If you notice any difference between the system amount and the actual physical cash collected, create a Difference Posting.

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POS Closing Voucher
Cashier Closing Voucher

Cashier Closing Voucher

Your retail counter may have multiple people operating the POS software throughout the day in multiple shifts. Cashier closing vouchers in POS allows a cashier to record the sales and details at the end of his/her shift. From here, the accountant or concerned person can collect, tally the cash and make the necessary Journal Entries to update the Company ledgers.

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Offline POS

In ERPNext, you can create POS Invoices, even when not connected to the internet. POS Invoices created in the offline mode will be saved locally in the browser (cached). If the internet connection is lost which creating POS Invoice, you will still be able to proceed forward. Once the internet connection is available, all offline invoices will be synced and pushed onto your ERPNext account.

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Offline Point of Sale

Customer Acquisition & Loyalty Program

Manage your customers better, configure loyalty programs and pricing schemes that deem fit for your business within a few minutes. Maintain credit limits, view receivables & total billing, analyse average customer revenue to make informed business decisions.

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On The Fly Customisations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of POS Software.

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Customize Sales Invoice

Multi Lingual POS Software

Can't find your language? Help us translate: https://translate.erpnext.com

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Self Onboarding & Implementation

All the tools you need to attain educational excellence with the world’s first smart, Do It Yourself ERP that helps users onboard quickly. Transform your organization with excellent documentation and video tutorials that facilitate a zero-touch ERP implementation.

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POS Documentation

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