ERPNext Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an agreement required to become a ERPNext Partner?
By signing up for ERPNext Partner Program, you agree to the partner terms and conditions.
Agreement is part of partner signup process and you can find more details about terms and conditions click here

Does ERPNext levy a membership charge on its partners?
No, ERPNext does not levy a membership charge on its partners, but partners have to buy a minimum number of ERPNext credits defined when starting out under the membership.

What type of organizations are best suited to become ERPNext Partners?
Organizations that have previously sold or are currently selling technology products, preferably in the ERP and cloud space, and understand the economics of selling ERP products are best suited to become ERPNext Partners.

What are the different types of partnerships at ERPNext and their benefits?
We offer three kinds of partnerships—Gold, Silver and Bronze partnership. Our Bronze partnership provides opportunities to partners to sell and services our products, in addition our Gold and Silver partnership provides product implementation, along with building high-value and high-quality integrations.

How can I advance from one category to another?
Frappe will appoint partner in Silver or Bronze category based on initial assessment and partner can upgrade to next category on successfully maintaining initially category for two consecutive quarters. At the time of upgrade category partner need to fulfil all criterial including investment to qualify for upper category.

Will only closing deals (sales) impact my partner Tier?
Revenue is a crucial part of assessing partner performance, however, other initiatives, such as outbound lead generation, development of marketing references such as case studies are also taken into consideration while assessing partner category.

What are the prerequisites to get acquainted with ERPNext products?
ERPNext offers resources that you can easily access, including video tutorials, presentations, and other learning materials to understand our product better.

I do business in multiple countries. Do I need to sign up for the Partners Program in each country?
No, you are not required to sign up separately for each country. Sign up once and your Success manager will discuss the regions with you.

Why should I register a lead?
Lead registration is mandatory to easily qualify and approve leads, and manage deals. It also help success managers to track partner progress throughout the deal and evaluate performance internally at ERPNext. The link for lead registration is shared with the partner after sign up. Once the lead is registered, partner can view, update, and track lead status via the partner portal.

How long is a lead assigned to me?
A lead is assigned to a partner for a period of 180 days. However, please note that an outbound lead can only be registered under the partner’s name after approval from the Success manager.

How can partner buy ERPNext products and services for customer?
Partner can buy ERPNext credits in advance and can redeem against customer purchases or Customer can buy using partner reference code and partner will get his commission.

Whom to contact regarding questions about partner commissions?
In case you have any questions about partner commissions please contact your Success manager.

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