Paid Feature Development

Badly missing a feature that you want to be developed on priority? We can help you.

How it works

  1. Create a GitHub Issue at Indicate that you want to pay for this feature.
  2. Describe your issue clearly.
    1. Explain the use case. Why this feature is important.
    2. Number your details instead of writing long paragraphs.
    3. Use screenshots or mockups to help us visualize what you need.
    4. Give examples of your proposed feature.
  3. Drop us an email at indicitating that you want to sponsor this features.
  4. If this feature is generic, we will come back with an estimate of how much it will cost. Our rates will be $70 per hour and we will charge for minimum one hour.
  5. Everything we do will be production quality and tested manually and automatically, so please accept our estimate.
  6. If you are okay, we will send you an invoice that you can pay via Paypal or wire transfer.
    1. You will need to add bank charges that are around $20 incase of wire transfer from outside India.
    2. Customers in India can pay via NEFT, but we will have to charge Service Tax on the amount.
  7. Your feature will be developed on priority (we will indicate how long it will take to build this).
  8. The feature will be released in the next release on the latest major version of ERPNext.
  9. We will mention you as the sponsor in the release notes (if you don't want to be mentioned, it's okay).


Raise an Issue on GitHub