Upto 50 hours of ERPNext Consulting from the Core team, that covers everything we know from implementation, integration, deployment, developer support, design reviews etc.

The ERPNext VIP Plan includes:

Installation and Setup

We will help you select a server and install ERPNext and Frappé on your remote server with SSL, Backups and other standard setup using Frappé Bench

Implementation Support

We will help you implement ERPNext in your organization and support your function queries in:

  1. Setting up the system
  2. Data Import
  3. Configuring Permissions
  4. Best Practices

Design Review

Review feature, app design with your team and make your designs future proof. We will require your analysts, developers to provide:

  1. Mockups
  2. Use cases
  3. Integrations

This will be via a Public/Private Repo in GitHub or BitBucket

Code Review

We will do code reviews for your team's development so that your apps get built in a standardized manner

Bug Fixing

We will help in fixing bugs related to your customizations.

Developer Support on Gitter

During office hours, we will try and respond to your developer queries on priority. If one of your developers is stuck, we will try and allocate someone to give you support.

Deployment and Upgrade Support

We will help you manage, upgrade and monitor multiple instances (sites) of ERPNext using Frappé Bench.

On-site support

If you want us to travel to your site, the travel expense will be extra and the consulting hours will include travel. We will make only one trip in one plan.

Max Consulting Hours

We will provide upto a maximum of 50 hours of consulting / travel.


US $5000 / year

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