Reseller Help

How do I get started?

Once your sign up, you will be provided with a referral code link that can be utilized for endorsing our services while tracking referrals and commissions. The referral code link can be accessed from the Settings Page within the your Reseller Settings page.

Is there a minimum requirement to receive my commission?

Yes, you need to convert 3 paying accounts to receive your commission. Till then your commission will be credited to you.

How will commissions be paid?

Once your three accounts are converted, commissions will awarded in cash for each of your accounts (including your first 3) once a month.

How do I earn the commissions?

It's simple! Anyone you refer to ERPNext Cloud that signs up and becomes a paying customer using your unique reseller link earns your commission.

How do I earn on renewals?

For all accounts that have been signed up using your reseller link, you can buy renewals from the reseller portal. If you pay from the reseller portal, you get a 20% discount. You can choose to bill the full rates to the customer or share some of the discount so that the customer remains loyal to you.

If your customer pays directly, the reseller discount is not applicable. This ensures that you maintain a good relationship with your customers!

How to I use the portal?

How do I get more information?

Email us at for more information!

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