Functional Support

ERPNext Functional Support is ideal for companies that are looking for guaranteed support for their self-hosted ERPNext instance. Our super experienced support consultants will help in case the user is stuck or needs guidance on what is the best approach for a task.

Our support consultants have seen thousands of business scenarios in over hundreds of businesses and you can benefit directly from their experience for your own ERPNext setup.

The modes of support include:

  • Email (preferred)
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote Login

All one-on-one sessions will have to be pre-scheduled with the support team.

Configuration Support

ERPNext is a highly customizable system with baked in permission and workflow system. EES includes support for all configurable features of Frappe + ERPNext including:

  • System Settings
  • Data Import Support
  • Creating Users and Roles
  • Role and User Permissions
  • Workflow Setup
  • Print Formats
  • Field-level Customization
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom DocType
  • Custom Script

Operations Support

This includes support on all the standard features available in ERPNext for day to day management of operations. This includes help on how to handle various business scenarios cases, or if there is some workflow that needs more explanation.

Bug Fix Support

The Frappe team is actively involved in maintaining the stable version of ERPNext and will offer priority bug fix support on your instance as long as it is of a supported version.

Despite best efforts, sometimes bugs can get introduced in the system at the time of upgrade or on edge cases that are not handled by the system. In either case, the Frappe support team will work with the Core team developers to fix your bug based on the severity and priority, so that you face minimum downtime.

If you are on a stable release, you must upgrade to the latest version of that release. Selective patches cannot be applied as it will compromise the integrity of the system and potentially introduce many more issues.