Product Warranty for $1200 a year

Ensure that bugs do not stop your day-to-day operations in your mission-critical ERP platform

Bug Fix Warranty

Get priority support for bugs and security fixes from the core team with the experience to ensure your systems run defect-free

Priority Support

You can report up to 12 critical issues for $1200 a year. Our engineers will update your site as soon as possible.

In-App Support

Interact with the Frappe team and keep track of open tickets from your ERPNext site

What's included?

  • 12 tickets a year
  • Bug fixes
  • Security fixes

How to buy Product Warranty?

Click on the Help > Buy Support in your hosted ERPNext site or contact us if your site is self-hosted

Steps to buy Product Warranty from ERPNext

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Warranty ensures that you get priority support for critical issues that might block your day-to-day ERP operations.

ERPNext is Free and Open Source ("free" as in "free-speech"), but the services around ERPNext need engineers to support you. You pay for the expertise of these engineers.

Product Warranty ensures timely fixes for critical bugs in ERPNext. The Enterprise plan includes Product Warranty as well as premium services like personalised onboarding, functional support, priority support, etc.

We don't charge per user for Product Warranty. However, there is limit on the number of tickets you can create which is 12 per year.

Yes. Contact us with the details of your self-hosted site and we'll set it up for you.

Yes, you can make payment from within your account using your credit card. If you prefer wire us the money, here are our bank details.

Feel free to drop us a mail at