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Zerodha is the story of the largest stock broker in India with a client base of more than 9 Lakh users.

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Trading Made Simple

Location: India
No of Users: 300+
Industry: Financial Technology
Modules Used: CRM

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The No. 1 Stock Broker In India

Zerodha a 9 year young start-up had a humble beginning with a team of 5 people and now employs over 1300 people. Zerodha is famous for being India's first 'discount brokerage' firm they apply a flat fee of Rs 20 for every trade, irrespective of its size with no brokerage fee whatsoever, which was deemed as quite disruptive by experts at that time in the market. What sets Zerodha apart from its competitors is the community they have built backed by an enthusiastic tech team, Zerodha has successfully products like Kite, Console and Coin. They have also launched Varsity, a learning module, which has become immensely popular. It also runs Trading Q&A, an active forum were traders and investors, can discuss stock ideas. Zerodha originates from Zero + Rodha (rodha means barriers in Sanskrit), Zero Barriers ,in stock broking is what they have been trying to do and zero barriers is what they have done!

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