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Thoughtful Design

The user interface is streamlined to be as easy as email. It is crafted to adapt to smaller screens and give a consistent experience.

Item Variants

Manage variants a line of products with automated item code generation and user defined attributes. Auto-update each variant when template is updated.

Improved Chart of Accounts

Select from a set of pre-defined templates for your country or create your own tree of accounts with flexible number of top-most accounts.

Capacity Planning

Automatically schedule production jobs per Workstation based on availability, log the time taken by the Workstation to complete the job and track cost of manufacturing at each stage.

Print Format Builder

Create your custom Print Format just by dragging and dropping fields.


Give access to a document on an ad-hoc basis to specific users. Sharing a document bypasses role and user permissions for that user.

Multi-currency Improvements

New code takes care of more edge cases. Separate fields for inclusive amounts. Apply Discount Amount and Tax Amount in customer's currency.

Discount Amount

Select if Discount Amount should be applied on Net Total or Grand Total. This feature, and Inclusive Taxes, is now available in Buying transactions.

Party Accounts

Accounting transactions against a Customer or Supplier will be made against a common Account instead of separate account for each party.


Moved Opportunity and Newsletter to the new CRM Module. Support Ticket renamed to Issue, and Customer Issue to Warranty Claim.


Tasks have become a part of Project form, making it easy to manage them. Having similar features with Tasks, Milestones have been deprecated.

Stock Reconciliation

Update Stock Reconcilation table using either the user interface or a spreadsheet application by using the download / upload feature in the table.

Email Integration

Setup Email Accounts and attach received emails to any document type. With improved threading, replies are attached to the same document.

Improved Timeline

Document timeline combines creation, status changes, comments and communications giving a clear chronology of events.

And More

Star a document for quick access later. Prevent access to Modules per user. Improved translations contributed by the community.