Shareholder Transfer

There may be times when you want to change the share structure of your company; either by adding a new shareholder or by changing the existing proportion of shares between shareholders. A share transfer is the process of transferring existing shares from one person to another; either by sale or gift.

1. How to create a Share Transfer

  1. Go to: Accounts > Share Management > Share Transfer.
  2. Select the Transfer Type, for first ever Shareholder transaction this will be 'Issue'.
  3. Set a date for the transfer.
  4. Select the from and to shareholders.
  5. Select the from and to folio numbers.
  6. Set an account.
  7. Select the share type whether preference or equity.
  8. Select the number of shares to be transferred.
  9. Select the from and to number of shares.
  10. Set the rate of one share, the amount will be calculated based on number of shares.
  11. Save and Submit.

Note: Before you can Purchase or Transfer shares between shareholders, shares need to be issued.

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