Distributors have large part of their net worth is invested in the stock in hand. With ERPNext, you can always keep a birds eye view on your stock availability, replenishment, procurement and sales.

ERPNext Stock

Distributors need to be on the top of their game always. From procuring the products to providing after-sales support for the same, they are an important part of the supply-chain.

Material Flow

There are three main types of entries

  • Purchase Receipt: Items received from Suppliers against Purchase Orders.
  • Stock Entry: Items transferred from one Warehouse to another.
  • Delivery Note: Items shipped to Customers.

ERPNext Healthcare

A Distributor on ERPNext Implementation

When Tarun Gupta's security services startup Neural Integrated Services started growing, his ERP could not keep pace and was full of bugs in spite of spending a lot of money. Thats when Tarun decided he wanted to move to something better and discovered ERPNext.

User Manual

A distributor needs lots more than sales and purchase module to operate efficiently. ERPNext has all of it available built-in.

  • You track your books of accounts using Accounts module.
  • Manage payroll, leaves and claims of your support staff in the HR module.
  • Attend customer's support queries better with Support module of ERPNext.

Here is the stepwise guide on the functionalities of ERPNext Stock / inventory module.

  1. Material Request
  2. Stock Entry
  3. Delivery Note
  4. Purchase Receipt
  5. Installation Note
  6. Item
  7. Warehouse
  8. Serial No
  9. Batch
  10. Projected Quantity
  11. Accounting Of Inventory Stock
  12. Tools
  13. Setup
  14. Sales Return
  15. Purchase Return
  16. Articles
  17. Opening Stock
  18. Stock How To
  19. Retain Sample Stock
  20. Delivery Trip