Quality Goal

Introduced in Version 12

It is a collection of individual metrics that helps to quantify the quality of an application. It is a basic quality management process to establish a set of quality objectives.

You can create a Quality Goal for your business having multiple Quality Objectives. Different Quality Objectives for a Goal can have definite numeric target or target measured in terms of completion status(yes or no). It is monitored based on Frequency which is set for that Goal.

To access Quality Goal, go to:

Home > Quality > Goal and Procedure > Quality Goal

1. How to Create a Quality Goal

  1. Go to the Quality Goal list, click on New.
  2. Add the following details:

    • Goal: Name of the Quality Goal that you intend to create.

    • Procedure: Quality Procedure that is to be followed to achieve the Goal.

    • Created By: Person responsible for the creation of the Goal.

    • Monitoring Frequency: If a Review of a Goal is to be scheduled automatically then select the time interval after which the Review will be created.

    • Revision: Mentioning the current Revision of the Quality Goal.

    • Objectives :

      • Objective: Consists of the various Objectives that a Quality Goal consists of and which have to be completed to meet the Goal.

      • Target: Consists of the numeric target value of an Objective that is to be met.

      • Unit: Measurement Unit, eg: Lead/s, Hour/s, etc, to measure Objective.

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