Quality Review

Introduced in Version 12

A Quality Review is the review of a Quality Goal.

A Quality Review is an inspection with a specific structure, defined roles, and procedure designed to ensure a product's completeness and adherence to quality standards. The Quality Review is used to check if all Objectives of a Quality Goal have been achieved.

To access the Quality Review list, go to:

Home > Quality > Review and Action > Quality Review

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using a Quality Review it is advised to create the following first:

2. How to Create a Quality Review

  1. Go to the Quality Review list, click on New.
  2. Select a Quality Goal which is to be Reviewed.
  3. In the Review section of the Reviews table, leave a review about a Quality Objective.
  4. Save.

    Quality management

Note: If the Quality Procedure is linked to the Quality Goal, the Quality Procedure will be fetched in the Quality Review. You can also add some notes in the 'Additional Information' section.

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