Print Format Builder

The Print Format Builder helps you quickly make a simple customized Print Format by dragging and dropping data fields and adding custom text or HTML.

You can create a new Print Format either by going to:

Setup > Printing and Branding > Print Format Builder

or Open the document for which you want to make a print format. Click the Printer icon, or go to Menu > Print and click on the Edit button. Note: You must have System Manager permission to do this.

Step 1: Make a new Format

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Step 2: Add a new Field

To add a field, just drag it from the left sidebar and add it in your layout. You can edit the layout by clicking on the settings icon.

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Step 3

To remove a field, just drag it back into the fields sidebar.

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Step 4

You can add customized text, HTML in your print format, just add the Custom HTML field (in dark colour) and add it to the the place where you want to add the text.

Then click on Edit HTML to edit your content.

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To save your format, just click on the Save button on the top.