Document Versioning

The document versioning feature allows you to track all the changes made in the form over the period. It will be very helpful in audit trial to check which user edited what value, and when exactly.

Enable Document Versioning

Document Versioning can be enabled for one Document Type as a time. Let's assume that we need to enable it from Purchase Order. Then, we will check Customize Form tool for Purchase Order and check field Track Changes. With this, document versioning will be enabled for all the Purchase Orders create and edited hence forth.

Enable Versioning

Version Log

Following is link of version in a Purchase Order form. Each time a document is edited, a version's link will be added in that document. To check more details on specific version, click on it's link.

Version Links

Version Details

In the Version document, you will find log of all the fields and values changes in it.

Version Details

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