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ERPNext Version 15

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ERPNext Version 15

More tricks up the sleeve

To make your business even smoother

Improved serial and batch handling

Reduce the manual work of entering serial and batch numbers by using the new selector tool. You can now bundle serial and batch numbers together too.

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Stock reservation

Stock reservation

Reserve stock against sales orders effortlessly, reducing stock shortage and ensuring goods are available when they are needed.

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Editable Sales/Purchase Invoice

Edit account heads or cost centres in sales and purchase invoices after submission without cancelling and amending multiple entries.

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India Compliance features

India Compliance features

Comply with Indian regulations effortlessly with new features like the Advanced purchase reconciliation tool for GST reports 2A and 2B.

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Multi-level BOM Creator

Create Bills of Material visually by editing the tree view. You can also update their properties using intuitive buttons for efficient BOM management.

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Financial Ratio Report

Financial ratios report

Access detailed reports providing essential financial ratios in real time for a comprehensive understanding of your business's financial health.

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Process payment reconciliation

For extremely large volumes of invoice-to-payment reconciliations, the reconciliation tool will now manage the processing automatically in the background.

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Tiny tweaks, tremendous results

Minor new additions that boost performance


Auto create exchange rate revaluation


Repost accounting ledgers without cancellation


Un-reconcile payments


2.5x faster generation of financial reports


Auto booking exchange gain/loss on reconciling multicurrency invoices


Improved multicurrency invoicing

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