Service Level Agreement

Last Updated on: 1st August 2023

Effective from: 1st August 2023

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") documents and governs the agreed provisions of Service Terms of Support, Support Scope, Exclusions, Release and Deployment schedule and is executed between Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd ("Frappe", "We", "Us" or "Our") and the Customer("You", "Your" or "Customer") who has agreed to the Master Service Agreement ("MSA") (Link:- )

Please note that this SLA only applies to Support Services provided by Frappe pursuant to the MSA.(Link:- )

Please read the contents of this document carefully before using any of Our Services.

I. Definitions

  1. "Agreement" means this SLA describes the support policy of Frappe and shall apply to all Customers who have agreed to the MSA .
  2. "Business Days" means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the state or territory where the Service is being provided by Frappe. 
  3. "Business Hours":- 10:00 to 18:00 Indian Standard Time ("IST") (Monday-Friday)
  4. "Cloud Service" means any distinct, subscription-based, hosted (and maintained) services that are offered by Frappe.
  5. "Core ERPNext Feature(s)" means those features of ERPNext that are provided within ERPNext and Core ERPNext Modules, as distributed without any modification and without any additional Modules. Core ERPNext Feature(s) may include features provided by Core ERPNext Modules. The list of Core ERPNext Feature(s) can be modified by Frappe at any time in its sole discretion without prior notification to the Customer.
  6. "Core ERPNext Modules" means Modules that are provided within the standard and unmodified public releases of ERPNext, as distributed by ERPNext Core Maintainers. Core ERPNext Modules may include: (i) accounts, (ii) assets, (iii) buying, (iv) customer relationship management, (v) human resource, (vi) projects, (vii) quality management, (viii) selling, (ix) stock, and (x) support. The list of Core ERPNext Modules may be modified by Frappe at any time in its sole discretion without any prior notification to the Customer.
  7. "Customer" shall mean: (i) in case an individual accepts this Agreement on behalf of himself / herself, then such individual; and (ii) in case an individual accepts this Agreement on behalf of a company, organization, or other entity (whether or not it is registered or incorporated), such company, organization or other entity.
  8. "Customer Data" means electronic data or any other information submitted by the Customer to Frappe, excluding content from third-party applications, integrations.
  9. "Database" means the underlying database that stores the Customer Data.
  10. "Documentation" means the applicable web resources pertaining to the information of using ERPNext, updated from time to time, the comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Guide, accessible via or from within the ERPNext Account.
  11. "Downtime" means the time there was unavailability of an ERPNext account due to maintenance activity at our end.It may occur due to breakdown at the server's end since Frappe may host with Third Parties.
  12. "ERPNext Account" means the web URL for accessing the account Customer has subscribed for with Frappe. This is synonymous to ERPNext Site and ERPNext Instance. 
  13. *"Frappe Consultants" *refers to the Consultants who are representatives of Frappe.
  14. "Issue" means a support ticket that has been raised by a Customer or an Authorized User for reporting an incident or requesting service requests.
  15. "Services" means the products and services that are ordered by the Customer under the MSA or provided to Customer free of charge (as applicable) or under a free trial, and made available online by Frappe. 
  16. "Support Scope" shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 2.1 of this Agreement.
  17. "Support Services" shall have the meaning under Section 5.1.1 of MSA (Link:- )
  18. "Subscription" means the active hosting, server or support plan that the Customer has paid for availing Frappe Services.
  19. "User" means any individual to whom the customer grants access for accessing the ERPNext Account.
  20. "User Role" means the role granted to the Users in an ERPNext account. Different User Roles have various permissions and access control is exhibited using User Roles.
  21. "Weekend Support" :-refers to the support provided by Frappe Consultants on weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

II. Service Levels

This section provides all the relevant details on Service Availability, monitoring the scope of services and related components.

2.1. Support Scope

2.1.1 Support Services will be provided by Frappe only on the standard product and official release of ERPNext. Configurations of options available within Core ERPNext Features are a part of the standard product support. Support Services are not provided for code customizations, custom Modules and third-party Modules.

2.1.2. Support Services will be provided only for Instances running on distributions of Linux that are supported by Bench. The list of Linux distributions supported by Bench is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Customer shall be the sole responsible party to ensure that Customer is using a Linux distribution supported by Bench.

2.1.3. The Scope of this Service Level Agreement shall also include:

  1. Functional support: Functional Support shall include support on all standard features of ERPNext. Frappe shall only provide support in the form of guidance to the Customer. The onus of implementation extends to the Customer. Functional Support to the extent of Configuration support shall include but not limited to support for configuring workflow.
  2. Issue Investigation:Issue Investigation refers to examining the reported behavior of a feature when it is not exhibiting expected functionality. All issues shall be replicable and Customer shall support Frappe in replicating the issue in a non-production environment.
  3. Bug fix: Bug fix refers to fixing of verified bugs after Investigation. Bugs will be fixed based on severity and criticality and which are included in our regular Release process. In cases of Critical bugs it may be resolved on priority basis and released immediately.
  4. Data fix: In cases of Data fix, support shall be provided to the Customer only for correcting data if it is an outcome of a verified bug.
  5. Upgrade Support: Frappe will provide upgrades and maintain the latest version of the application in the ERPNext Account.
  6. Scaling Support: Optimising database to improve performance wherever deemed necessary.
  7. Priority & Phone Support: Priority and phone support shall be provided to a Customer who has additionally purchased the Priority & Phone Support and is part of the Order form executed between Frappe & the Customer. If the Customer has purchased Priority and Phone Support then the Service levels shall be according to Table II of Clause 2.6 of this Agreement.

2.1.4 Upon Frappe sole discretion, the Scope of this Agreement (depending on several parameters) may include Support services in feature request or feature redesign. 

2.2. Support Process, Creation of Support Tickets

2.2.1 Customers can avail Support Services by raising a support ticket from the support portal via

2.2.2. All Support tickets raised by the Customer shall be classified as "Unclassified". Frappe shall classify such Support Tickets according to Section 2.4 of this Agreement. The Customer shall be notified at a reasonable time by Frappe about the Issue Priority of the Support ticket raised by the Customer.

2.2.3. Support tickets generated by the Customer shall remain "Open" for thirty one (31) days from the date of reply of the Support Ticket by Frappe. The Support tickets after thirty one (31) days shall be automatically "Closed" if the Customer does not reply against the Support Ticket. 

2.3 Support Exclusions

The following Services are not included in Support and are exclusively beyond the Scope of this Agreement. Upon Frappe sole discretion, Frappe Consultants may provide these services on a case to case basis. Frappe Consultants may train the Customers to implement these Services but the liability to perform these Services shall solely be on the Customer. These Support Services include:

  1. Scenario support: Scenario Support shall refer to Mapping User's specific business use-case.
  2. Data Entry & Data Import:- Frappe shall not be responsible for providing support in physically or electronically entering data of the Customer into the database or/and importing data from Customer's legacy database or storage. 
  3. Client Script & Print Format:- Frappe shall not provide support in code customization to the Customers or/and provide amendments to the Print format. 
  4. Manual Data Sanitization:- Frappe shall not provide support is sorting or filtering of data of the Customer. The Customer is solely responsible for managing its own data.
  5. User Management & Permission Management:- Customer shall be solely responsible for its User & Permission Management.
  6. Infrastructure Purchase:- Frappe shall not provide any type of Infrastructure purchase to the Customer such as, but not limited to, server or any other type of hardware. 
  7. Frappe shall provide all support through the Support Portal Query session shall not be addressed via Telephonic Support to any Customer unless priority Phone Support is purchased.

2.4 Support Hours

The Support hours are calculated under Indian Standard Time ("IST").The coverage parameters specific to the service(s) covered in this Agreement are as follows:

  1. Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00 to 18:00 IST
  2. Support Email:
  3. The Email Support shall be only available on weekend (Saturday, Sunday) support in case if the in-app support is not accessible.
  4. Weekend Support shall only be available to Customer only on Critical issues.
  5. Emails received outside the Business hours will be queued and we will try to ensure solving the issue the same or next business day.
  6. In case of Customers on Phone & Priority Support, the Calls received after specified hours & weekends, will be forwarded to a designated Frappe Consultant. The best efforts will be taken to rectify the problem as per Section 2.6 of this Agreement.

2.5 Support Levels

The criteria of each level of Issue Priority shall be as per the following sequence. Each support issue will be classified based on the criticality and impact by Frappe.

2.5.1 Issue Priority Critical:-

  1. System is inoperable / not functioning

  2. Impact threatening productivity

  3. Server Failure

  4. Network down for whole Office Functional Query:-

  1. Issues ranging from functional queries related to various features and modules of ERPNext, Cloud Subscription Plans, Data import assistance. Investigation:-

  1. System is operational but performance very bad

  2. Deep Issues that require investigation in the core such as Stock Balance mismatch, Email delivery and performance, network issue for 3 or more Users Bug:-

  1. System is operational but behaviour of a specific feature or module is incorrect

  2. Error Reports reported by User are automatically tagged as Bug Service Request:-

  1. When User reports a service request like major version upgrade, upgrade of subscription plan

2.6 Support Resolution Times


In case of Standard Service Levels, the response and resolution times of the issues are as specified below:-

Issue Priority Response Time Resolution Time
Unclassified 2 hours 4 hours
Critical 1 hour 4 hours
Functional Query 2 hours 16 hours
Investigation 2 hours 16 hours
Bug 2 hours 40 hours or next release
Service Request 2 hours 40 hours


In case the Customer has purchased Priority and Phone Support from Frappe, the response and resolution times of the issues are as specified below:-

Issue Priority Response Time Resolution Time
Unclassified 1 hour 4 hours
Critical 1 hour 2 hours
Functional Query 1 hour 12 hours
Investigation 1 hour 12 hours
Bug 1 hour 32 hours or next release
Service Request 1 hour 32 hours


In case the Customer has purchased only L2 bug support from Frappe (applicable only for ERPNext, Frappe Framework and HR/Payroll apps), the response and resolution times of the issues are as specified below:-

Issue Priority Response Time Resolution Time
Unclassified 2 hour 4 hours
Critical 1 hour 4 hours
Bug 2 hours 32 hours or next release

These hours are subject to:

  1. The matrix shown above is for defined Business Hours.
  2. The response and resolution time are indicative and not final. Actual resolution may depend on factors that may be out of control such as unavailability of server etc.
  3. Frappe does not accept any penalty if these support requests are not resolved within the indicative times.
  4. Fixing is subject to the Release Process as mentioned under Section 5 of this Agreement. These levels and support hours may change based on continuous improvement of our services.

III Release Process

3.1 Release Cycle

Frappe ensures that security fixes, bug fixes, upgrades, feature enhancements are deployed and released timely. Following is the release process:

  1. Regular Releases: Minor version releases for resolution of the bug fixes, new features, enhancement of existing features will be deployed once every three months. Issues tagged as Bug, Service Request, Discomfort are fixed/released in the said period.
  2. Critical Releases: To ensure that there is no compromise on customer experience, Frappe will resolve Issues tagged as Critical within 24 business hours.

3.2 Deployment

Deployment of release will be done based on the deploy mechanism that is setup. If you are on Frappe Hosted Instance, the deployment is done in off peak hours and primarily there is reasonable minimum downtime.

For critical issues, deployment will be done as soon as the issue has been resolved and the release has been cleared for release.

IV Escalation Matrix

To report an Issue, Customers shall raise a support ticket by visiting In case, the issue has not been resolved according to the SLA Agreement, the issue can be escalated by reporting it via

If the Issue is further not resolved, then in such cases the Customer can follow the escalation matrix as defined below: