Unveiling Partner Talks at ERPNext Conference 2021

We have multiple partner talks lined up for the upcoming conference which we think will be a great way to understand how the partnership program has been an enabler for their business.

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Autumn has set in perfectly and winter is just around the corner. So is the ERPNext Conference! Let’s block our cozy corners and calendars in advance. Maybe have a pumpkin latte or a filter coffee ready by the fireplace on the 19th and 20th of November.

So far we have 600+ registrations and since we saw a majority of our attendees are from outside India, we planned our timings accordingly! The ERPNext Conference runs from 11:00 am IST to 6:00 pm IST.

How are partners helping ERPNext?

​​​​Partners play a vital role in ERPNext’s ecosystem. It is a mission-critical job for any organization that is implementing ERPNext. Partner presence defines the market capture of OEMs. Since Frappe is a remote working company with 100 team members, it is not possible for us to cater to 5000+ clients at once.

Partners come with prior knowledge of local and industry specific requirements and hence their presence is helpful in implementing ERPNext. Secondly, market penetration becomes easier, which helps us to have a bigger reach. Currently, we have 21 partners who are helping us implement ERPNext and Frappe cloud, globally.

Partner talk at ERPNext Conference 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce the Partner Talks for the upcoming conference. For organizations who are looking for long-term partnerships and benefits with ERPNext, these talks will prove to be insightful.

Building a Business with ERPNext's Help

Wolfram Schmidt from Tuit GmbH will be talking about how ERPNext helped Tüit scale-up, and streamline processes in their company which in turn helped them grow their business.


Engaging Frappe in an Enterprise ERPNext implementation

Hari Mahadevan from Promantia Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. will also be giving a talk. He says, “over the last couple of years, we have connected with Frappe on a need basis for support on quite a few of our implementations. But recently, we entered into a more structured engagement for a larger implementation.” He will be sharing his experiences on the same.


ERPNext partnership in Iraq - A newborn with a bright future

Hadi Sanouree from MTC is thrilled to discuss the ERPNext ecosystem and partnership benefits.


Building a successful API strategy

Atul Agrawal from Ascra will explore some fundamentals of building APIs and the need for a mindset shift from product thinking to platform building. He will also explore the importance of developer experience and how it impacts successful integration. This will help the user prioritize factors that will make smooth adoption for integrating and running the API.


See you at the conference!

The partner talks will be featured on the second day of the conference. We are hopeful that this conference will be really helpful to people seeking to grow with ERPNext. For those who believe in open source, this conference is a pilgrimage. Be ready to share and learn ERPNext, Frappe Framework, Frappe Cloud, Frappe School, success stories, and a lot more.

For those who haven’t registered for the conference yet, you can do it here ERPNext Conference 2021

Watch this space for further updates!


Team Frappe

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Sohel Pathan 2 years ago

Very much excited to attend the conference.!