ERPNext at Rohit Cutting Tools

Successful implementation of ERPNext at Rohit Industries Group Pvt Ltd, a leader in the field of HSS and solid carbide cutting tools since 1963.

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To learn about ERPNext at RIGPL, we talk to Aditya Duggal, its Director and one a long time ERPNext Supporter.

What was your ERPNext journey like?

When I joined my company, I saw that all the work was being done on paper. If somebody ordered something, it was written on a piece of paper and that paper would be passed from one hand to the other, till the product was delivered. It would take at least 2-3 days to find out a list of all pending orders.

Being an organised person, I decided to put the business in order by getting a very good ERP. I shortlisted SAP for my business. However, I realised that it's price was exorbitant. I was not willing to risk my business operations by buying such a costly product.

While I was searching for a perfect ERP which could be customised to our business, I made other changes. The first thing I started was to establish a culture of making systems for managing order data. It was a change for me and for the people who worked in our company and there were lot of fights.

Discovering ERPNext

While making changes in my organisation, I was also looking for applications to run my business. Some apps were good for inventory management but not good for accounting, some where offline. At that point I was managing invoices in Quickbooks and accounting in Tally. I did not like Tally, because it was difficult to import in Tally.

I also tried my luck with open-source projects like Openbravo, but their implementation was too complex and implementation cost was high. I even tried building my own tailor-made software for our business. Tmy did not work either.

Just when I was about to give-up, I came across ERPNext. I immediately liked ERPNext and the entry-level pricing that allowed me to try it. Once I saw the benefits of ERPNext and its ability to customise, hI replaced Tally and Quickbooks with ERPNext.

Best Features of ERPNext

  • ERPNext has low entry cost.
  • Is web-based, so no need of installing computer software at client location.
  • Is Online, thus there is real-time sharing of data across the world
  • Imports data easily from excel. The import formats are all saved in the system.
  • Is a robust system which can handle many users at any given time.
  • Needs no installation on any computer, just internet and a browser is sufficient.

The best part about the software is that, it is easily customisable. I have done a lot of customisation for my organisation. I am very satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the service and the support I gets.

I have seen many software vendors who are good at coding but not so good at understanding the needs of the customers with regards to manufacturing. With ERPNext, I has found a fusion of both.

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