Objectives of the foundation

Objective of our foundation and the purpose. Potential donors and why they donate? Expected growth in donations.

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Objective of our foundation and the purpose

  1. Educating, inspiring, improving, and furthering the development of the open- source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software “ERPNext” as well as the underlying software framework “Frappe Framework” and promoting its value to both users and developers.
  2. Soliciting and managing contributions to the Frappe Framework and ERPNext code base.
  3. Publicising, promoting the adoption of, and facilitating the ongoing development of related technology to Frappe Framework and ERPNext as well as educational resources. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a public web site, planning conferences and offering grants to Frappe Framework or ERPNext-related open source projects.
  4. Building an ecosystem and enhancing communication within the ecosystem.
  5. Creating products and marketplaces with which the community can interact and share information and services.
  6. Continuously improving the project by sponsoring features, documentation, and fixing bugs.
  7. Promoting the development of free and open source software, in India as well as around the globe and generating awareness about free and open source software in the general public and specifically among computer programmers and students.
  8. Empowering local programmers to the use of free platforms, tools and technologies that provide the means to develop local solutions to local problems.
  9. No objects of the Company will be carried out without obtaining prior approval/ NOC from concerned authority whenever required.

Potential donors

  1. Individual business owners who benefit from free and open source software
  2. Businesses and Organisations who benefit from free and open source software
  3. Software Developers and Companies who benefit from free and open source development tools

Why do they donate and how such donations will grow in this foundation?

Reasons for donations :

  1. Sponsorship for development of desired feature
  2. General donations as per the wish and capacity of donor
  3. Sponsorship for community events promoting free and open source software

As more and more useful software and tools are built there will be increase in beneficiaries of these software and tools.

When the beneficiaries realize importance of the software being built they fund features and donate according to their wish and capacities to sustain the development of the free and open source software.


  1. Memorandum of Association [PDF]
  2. Articles of Association [PDF]

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