ERPNext and Frappe Framework release v13.7, and v13.8

A highlight of what’s new in ERPNext and Frappe Framework v13.7, and v13.8.

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A bunch of Engineers at Frappe worked on a handful of features and enhancements in ERPNext and the Frappe framework. Let us take a look at the same.

ERPNext v13.7 and v13.8

Optionally allow rejected Quality Inspection on submission

Marica found out that on creating a Quality Inspection against a Purchase Receipt, it is possible that this QI is rejected. In this case, the submission of the Purchase Receipt is blocked due to a rejected QI. It could be possible that after rejection the rejected qty is updated in the Purchase Receipt and the user wants to submit it.

To simplify the same, she added Action If Quality Inspection Is Rejected in Stock Settings.

If it is set to Warn it will show a toast message on submission, if not it will block the submission. She also cleaned up the code to make it more readable.

stock settings

(Stock settings)

Bootstrapped GST Setup for India

Deepesh added separate GST accounts for the Sales and Purchase Company setup. He created a provision where the system can auto-create item tax templates for all GST Tax Rates (SGST, CGST, and IGST).

  • He also auto-created the Sales/Purchase taxes and charges template and added Tax categories for In-State and Out-State to the templates.
  • By taking off redundant checks and validation, he made the setup faster.
  • The user can automatically add default GST Accounts in the GST settings.

Fetching details from Supplier/Customer groups

Noah added a button to fetch details from Supplier/Customer groups in their respective masters.


(Button - Supplier/Customer groups)

Provision to make a subcontracted purchase order from the production plan

Rohit added a new table in the production plan to track sub-assembly items. Earlier there was no provision to make subcontracted purchase orders against the subcontracted assembly items.

  • He added the BOM level in the BOM to track BOM levels.
  • He also added a production plan summary report, which will make it easy for the users to fetch a report.
  • The team optimized code for reposting item valuation.

Report to show COGS by item groups

Alan made a provision where the user can pull out a report that will show COGS (cost of goods sold). Here the debit values will be grouped by Item Groups.


(Report for COGS)

Enhancements in TDS

Deepesh added check-ins in the tax withholding category to make the Tax withholding process more flexible and manageable.



For Eg for TDS 194Q as per Indian Tax law which has come into effect from 1st July 2021 if the aggregate value of goods bought from a supplier exceeds 50 Lakhs (Cumulative Threshold) then a 10% Tax has to be withheld for the amount exceeding the cumulative threshold. Following checks have been added to the provision for this.

  • Consider Entire Party Ledger Amount Check

Enabling this check will also consider Purchase Invoices not having the "Apply Tax Withholding" checkbox checked. Since this provision was introduced on 1st July old invoices in this fiscal year might not have the Apply Tax Withholding check enabled for all invoices.

  • Only Deduct Tax On Excess Amount

    Currently, tax is withheld for the entire party ledger amount. In some cases, tax has to be withheld only for the amount exceeding the cumulative threshold and not on the entire party ledger amount. Enabling this check will deduct tax only on the amount exceeding the cumulative threshold.

  • Round Off Tax Amount

    In many countries, the withheld tax amount has to be rounded off to the nearest integer. Enabling this check will round off the deducted tax amount to the nearest integer

API Endpoint to update halted Razorpay subscriptions

Rucha changed Subscription Activated checkbox to the Subscription Status field and added a patch for the same.

She added an API endpoint to update Razorpay’s subscription as halted.

Frappe Framework 13.7 and 13.8

Connections in the form dashboard are now translatable

In the form dashboard, connections were grouped under different labels and the team translated them which made it easier for the users to choose amongst the required labels.

Group by filter based on tags in report view

Saqib worked on refactoring tag formatting in report columns. He allowed tags to be visible as a group by option.

Different output formats for bench version

Gavin reviewed the different outputs of the bench version made by an ERP Consultant. His idea was to have a format option similar to the list-apps command.


(Bench version)

For a full list of fixes and more details, visit the discussion forums:

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