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Markets crashed, GDPs shrank, and companies are cutting costs. You could use an affordable ERP.

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Most businesses felt it

2020 has been rough. Many revenue streams were lost, business was bleak, there's fear of having enough capital, not to mention the ripples of revenue loss. Not everyone was affected equally by everyone felt it. This is a time when companies are looking to cut costs.

Most businesses felt it

ERPs can cost up to 5% of annual revenue

Companies spend up to 5% of their annual revenue on ERPs. On average, this sums up to $2M for small and medium businesses.

Source: Panorama Consulting

ERPs can cost up to 5% of annual revenue

How so affordable?

Starting at only $50/month/user, ERPNext is open source and simple to use. So you don't end up spending on things like licensing, module wise pricing, lengthy implementations, and expensive upgrades. This gives a low cost of ownership.

You also get all modules from accounting to manufacturing with easy customization.

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How so affordable?

Spend less

Customers are spending less, companies are spending less, and everything has become expensive. This is a good time to try an ERP solution easy on the pocket and easy on the eyes.
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