Approach zen while keeping flexibility

Everyone likes simple software but the tradeoff here is in customization. Not with ERPNext. Enjoy the simple UI with equally simple customization to help your customers exactly the way you want to.

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Simple yet flexible

Often there are tradeoffs to make software simple. But with ERPNext you get the best of both worlds. It's simple interface takes little time to learn and you can customize it to match your process sophistication. No extra fees for moderate customization, you can do it yourself with very little code.

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Find tickets and people

Find tickets and people

Assigned tickets to the wrong person? No worries, ERPNext has all the tools you need. Apply an array of filters to find items to an atomic level. Then bulk edit to change assignments and other properties.

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IT asset management

Manage all your company assets with one software. Computers, headsets, and even people. ERPNext is a lot more than help desk software. Access 10+ modules with one price, no extra hidden costs.

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IT asset management
Collaborate as a team

Collaborate as a team

Assign multiple people to solve more complex or technical tickets together. Comment on support tickets to internally discuss issues. All conversation threads follow the ticket so you know what the last communication was and with whom. No work is repeated.

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Inbuilt project management

Map tickets against projects. Bill clients for special help desk cases and bill them via timesheets. Get an overview with Kanban boards and always stay on top of your help desk tickets.

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Smart ticket assignment

Automatically assign support tickets based on departments and load balancing or round-robin. Never worry about an employee getting too many tickets. The balanced help desk system in ERPNext ensures the load is distributed correctly.

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Smart ticket assignment

Search for phrases and words inside emails

Trouble finding a specific email when you have thousands of emails? In ERPNext, you can narrow your scope to find that one specific email regardless if you remember the customer or ticket ID.

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Easy customization

You don’t have to pay thousands to get decent customization. ERPNext’s simple, modular nature allows you to quickly create forms and scripts. Get your own custom help desk workflows up in a couple of hours.

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Easy customization

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Used by more than 5000 companies across the world

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What our customers think of us

Sonal Ramnathkar
Eudora Enterprise (Furniture)
After evaluating a bunch of ERPs including TCS, Tally, and many others, I finally found the right ERP for my furniture manufacturing startup. I love using ERPNext and recommend it to any discrete manufacturing company.
Manoj Thandassery
Curiositi Learning
We are an Educational products company, I signed up for a trial of ERPNext and found it surprisingly powerful and elegant. Bravo, fellow startup!
Dhananjay Palshikar
Sapcon Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Based on the Frappe framework, ERPNext is easily customizable - Neat and responsive UI - Great for manufacturing with Multilevel BOMs, managing multiple production departments - No vendor lock-in. The software is 100% Open Source. It provides great security to small scale businesses

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Used by more than 5000 companies across the world

Companies using ERPNext Companies using ERPNext